Impact through Innovation Cambridge



Who are ITIC?

Impact Through Innovation Cambridge is a student society designing products and researching solutions to tackle global challenges. ITIC aims to offer networking opportunities to students with an interest in innovation, as well as offering support and guidance to those pursuing specific product development or research.

Our members come from a range of academic disciplines and levels of study. We support teams interested in tackling social and global challenges, and who aim to produce tangible output. This can come in the form of papers, products or initiatives.

We are always looking for new organisations to collaborate with. These partnerships allow us to produce relevant products that are directly developed with those who have first hand experience of the issue. Through our members, we are able to direct our efforts towards the issues being tackled by our partner organisations.

Get In Touch

We are always looking for new people to collaborate with. If you have any questions about what we do or if you want to get involved then please get in touch. 

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Our Design Philosophy 

1. Observe

Observations are needed to ask interesting questions about the world: why do people have a certain issue? What can be done to help? Look at the world, come up with a question.

2. Ideation

Ideation takes in the observations and aims to produce new and creative solutions to those issues; here's what I imagine doing better or differently.

3. Prototype 

Prototype something small but meaningful, a really simple model, quick sketch or computer simulation. Test it with people, see what does work and what doesn't. 

4. Iterate

Iterate your design. Products are never correct the first time around. Change the design, fix to problems and test it again.

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